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Chau Tien(R) Pale Ale is the oldest Asian American Craft Beer (1985).

Celebrating 30+ years of brewing adventures! Tuan believes in a culture of collaboration or joint venture partnerships ("JV") with other craft brewers while remaining as a self sustained enterprise. To have innovation, it is most productive to develop new techniques/knowledge by fostering friendships. Brewery(s) who tend to be independent is "homogenized" and less interesting to Tuan. There are many benefits when we work with other brewers as an extended team, so it is in Chau Tien's DNA to learn from the best and keeps on innovating. (1985-1987) Sierra Nevada Brewing Co., (SNBC) Chico, California. This was a Joint Venture Partnerships (Aka. Asian American Brewing Company). (1988-1998) St.Stan's Brewing Co., Modesto, California (Closed). Contract Brewing. (1989-1991) Dubuque Star, Dubuque, Iowa (Closed). This was a Joint Venture. (1995-1998) Amber Waves, Vacaville, CA (Closed). Contract Brewing. (1999-2005) Coast Range Brewing Company, Gilroy, California (Closed). Contract Brewing. (2006-2010) Anderson Valley Brewing Company (AVBC), Boonville, CA (Sold). Joint Venture. (2011-2013). Back @ St.Stan's Brewing Co., Modesto, CA (reopened & closed again). Contract Brewing. The Adventure continues... Given the length of 30 years span of history and worked with breweries that either ran out of capacity;went out of business, or sold to new management, Tuan is committed to building his farm brewery for Chau Tien. Chau Tien proved to be a viable brand and has staying power. To date, an estimated 3 million bottles & kegs of Chau Tien were sold. While it has not been a meteoric success, it has been a micro-success. This is a scale-able business, so the key is to scale up and finding sustainable partners locally and worldwide. "Think big, act regionally." Cheers!




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