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Raising the bar on the standards of maintenance by raising the bar on practices of management. Respected workers are integral to keeping happy contracts.

Veni Vidi Vici was a Latin quote by Julius Caesar. It means "I came. I saw. I conquered" It seemed a good fit for a company intent on employing hard workers who do not shy away from physically challenging work. I chose to start my own company after becoming dissatisfied with what I realized was a flawed system. My former boss once lamented that good employees were so hard to find, but what I saw was good employees becoming disenchanted with increasing workloads, disrespect, broken promises, no reward or fulfillment. As bosses acquired more and more contracts they placed increasing workloads on the backs of the hardest working employees, who were now unable to do their best work within impossible time constraints and were left feeling the job was no longer being done properly. Our dignity was in shambles, our bodies were breaking down, our paychecks did not increase, we just had more contracts within the same 8 hour day, yet the bosses were collecting for every new contract. Something had to give I could no longer abide the system that saw it's contracts and it's employees being mishandled and taken advantage of. I recognised that there were others like myself who wanted to do the best job we could do, to leave feeling pleased with what we had done and that we had respected the contract. We wanted to go into each job knowing we were needed and leaving feeling proud that we are good at what we do. All maintenance workers are not created equal, those of us who embrace our inner OCD and tenacity want the opportunity to do our job properly while earning a fair wage and respect.



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